3 Steps To Take If Your Computer Is Broken

We’ve all been there before. You pull out your laptop to fire it up and you’re met with a blue screen and a bunch of random letters and numbers. You turn on your desktop computer and every time you try to open a window to search the internet, you are bombarded with pop ups. You go to check your email and get a notification saying that your computer has been compromised and your hard drive is infected with a virus.

It’s certainly not the place you want to find yourself! So what is a person to do? In today’s blog, the team of computer repair experts at OnTrack Computer Services has a few suggestions for what you should do when you’re experiencing computer problems. Wondering what steps you need to take? Keep reading to find out!

What To Do If Your Computer Is Acting Up

Reboot Your Computer

First things first–disconnect your computer from the internet as soon as you can. If your computer has a virus, the internet could only serve to make things worse. Once that’s complete, restart your computer in safe mode. We live in a day and age where sometimes all it takes is restarting a device to solve any problem that you might be having. In many instances, you can do this by going to the start menu on a Windows computer, clicking restart, and hitting the F8 key as it boots back up. From there, you can…

Run a Virus Scan

There are a number of free antivirus programs out there, but one of the best ones you can use on a Windows computer is Microsoft Security Essentials. Other common options are Norton programs, Kapersky Total Security, Avast Antivirus, and AVG. The choice is yours, but it never hurts to do your research if possible and find a program that works best for your particular needs.

Head to a Computer Repair Shop

Last, but not least, if you can’t determine what the issue is, you might need to seek out a computer repair technician. Fortunately for you, if you’re in the East Hampton area and you are in need of some computer work, you can count on the team at OnTrack Computer Services to provide you with great work at a fair price. Whether you’re in the market for HP laptop repair, Mac repair, Gateway desktop repair, or anything else related to getting your computer the help it needs, look no further.

“Where Can I Fix My Computer?”

Swing on down to OnTrack Computer Services today to get your computer back up and running in no time. Regardless of the issue at hand, you can rely on us to provide you with an in-depth analysis and the fix you need to get your computer back to the way it was before you had the issue to begin with.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a great value. Contact us today for a free diagnostic and repair estimate. We look forward to seeing you!